Origins and Vision

Leveraging Skills and Experience

Aqua Staffing’s journey began in 2013, driven by a commitment to making a difference in the water and wastewater industry. Founded by Shay Chawla, an MBA with a background in finance, marketing, and advertising, the agency emerged from the challenge of juggling client service work and motherhood. With a network of friends and family in the water industry sharing insights into the challenges of staffing and generational succession, Shay saw an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Armed with determination and a fresh perspective, Shay embarked on a journey to understand the water industry and translate her previous skills and experiences into an entrepreneurial endeavor. Her vision was clear: to bridge the gap between industry needs and exceptional talent.

Our Value

We collaborate closely with you to identify the right individuals to add significant value to your organization.

Our Commitment

We don’t stop until you are satisfied with the staffing solution or candidate that meets your organizations need

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